Now, if your between the ages of 3 & 10 years old your going to tell us that this is what we do best, Children’s entertainment.

   Alfie NoName & NoNAME FAMILY CIRCUS are still attending family events all over Hong Kong & indeed South East Asia, and Alfie has personally taken on the training of  all NoNAME Clowns.
   Our style is uniqueIt’s loud, It’s physical, and it’s hilarious !





The standard one- Classic Alfie, Comedy based Magic & balloon twisting & much more, good for any occasion.... Always changing, never the same twice.

The Easter one – Alfie is joined by Avit Rabbit for an Easter egg hunt.

The Halloween one- Alfie’s Scary Magic Show.

The Christmas one- Alfie is joined by the man in red himself, Santa Claus, for gift giving & photo opps.

The Irish one- Alfie is joined by Luder the Leprechaun


Phileas Phantastique Philanthropist, Fakir, Fellow of worth, Classic story based magic


packed with fun historic & geographical elements.



 Shorty B. Loonatic At 8 feet tall with pockets full of balloons the hilarious Shorty will certainly


add a twist to the party !


Nanna Big, old, cuddly & nutty as a fruit cake, Nanna, with her piles of  knitting, endless supply of  sweets & carpet bag full of who knows what revisits the art of story telling.

“Are you sitting comfortably ? Then I’ll begin”


Sabloo Walock Either providing contemporary/abstract portraits for guests or hosting his own ‘Arty Party’ workshop Sablo delivers laughs & contained creative, messy fun.

The Danny Danger Dangerous Danger Show Crash, bang, wallop. Danny Danger has arrived with a host of madcap stunts. This is definatly one of those don't try this at home situations...

Danny Danger

"He's much more funnier than my Dad is".

Chloe Jones 5years old

"Alfie is very very silly,
He wears underpants,
But on his head !".

Azia Ewins 4 years old


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